These safety rules are very important for your protection and people near you. Serious injuries may be caused by not considering the precausions stated in the user's manual. 

Save your user's manual as long as you use your shotgun. If you pass your shotgun to anyone else, please also deliver your user's guide too. Please ask for a free copy of the manuel if yours is lost or deficient for any reason.

After cleaning, dismounting or mounting your shotgun, please check the functional conformance of your shotgun again before you start using cartridges.

Shotguns are complex mechanisms. Any modifications made apart from our factory in any way and an unsuitable assembly made between parts can lead to serious mistakes. These modificasions can harm the user and his surroundings.

The correct assembly and the workableness of the shotgun after any assembly and disessembly process are completely under user's responsibility. Do not load the shotgun and do not use in any way before reading and fully comprehending the information given in this guide. Please learn the working principles of your shotgun before use. The knowledge of the basic parts includes adjusting the safety position, opening and closing the bolt action, loading and unloading in a safe way.

As a shotgun owner, you should definitely obey the rules of safe shotgun use that we will state below:

Keep your shotgun out of reach of children.

Keep your shotgun and cartridge in different places.

Never store your shotgun as loaded.

Unload your shotgun after your shot is done. Please be sure that your shotgun is unloaded when you are climbing a tree, jumping over a wire fence or walking on a slippery surface.

Do not load your shotgun before you come to the place where you will shoot. Never put your finger on the trigger before you see the target and decide to shoot.

Never shoot to water, rocks and hard surfaces. No matter your shotgun is loaded or not, you should be sure that the muzzle of your shotgun is always aimed to a safe direction.

When you are handing your shotgun over to anyone, you should be sure that the bolt action is completely secured and without cartridge.

Always use glasses and earmuffs during shooting.

After using your shotgun; dismount the barrel and the choke, the piston, the bolt action; mount them after cleaning and lubricating.

While shooting with your shotgun, be sure that forend cap is screwed. Otherwise, working efficiency will be decreased due to gas release.